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Data Recovery Services

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Mobile Device Recovery
Tape Data Retrieval
Flash Media Recovery
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Exchange Server
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Q1 – When and why do I need to approach a data recovery company?
This usually depends on how valuable the data is. In other words, have I determined the cost of losing the data? This question could also be answered by the following one: Am I willing to take the risk and attempt recovering data myself, or utilising the help/services of an unqualified individual or company? Did you know that in some cases, you only get one chance and all chances of recovering your important data are ruined?

Q2 – How do I go about data recovery – what’s the procedure and how does the process work?
Complete the Diagnosis And Recovery Request Form with as much info. that you can, and bring your media to us. It can be possible to obtain a quotation beforehand, with general estimates. But it is best to have us inspect the device/s beforehand. Alternatively, you can complete the form and ship it with your media for an obligation-free quotation. See our Packaging / Shipping Instructions page.

Q3 – How long does the process take?
The recovery process usually takes between 3-5 days. However, some recoveries can take as little as a few hours, and some can span a week or two. This usually depends on the level of complexity and volume of data, and the availability of required parts.

Q4 – Do you guarantee the confidentiality of my data/information?
Our technicians are professionals working hard at recovering data all day long, and we do guarantee full non-disclosure. Our goal is to recover your data as carefully as possible, with full confidentiality, and return it to you as quickly as possible.

Q5 – Can you truly guarantee what data will be recovered prior to working on the device?
Unfortunately not. We will, however, determine whether the data is usable and of value to you, prior to generating an invoice. Should we suspect that there be a need to discuss the resulting data from the data recovery process, we will contact you.

Q6 – What costs are involved in recovering the data?
We have fairly uniform costs structures for recovering data, however in some cases they do vary (e.g. server, RAID, NAS etc.) In most cases we are able to offer a firm quotation prior to receiving your shipped data/device (with the completed Diagnosis And Recovery Request Form), however we can provide you with an estimate over the phone or via e-mail.

Q7 – Do you have a quote rejection fee?
We have fairly uniform cost structures, and in most cases a “no recovery no charge” policy applies. However in some cases, such as with server, RAID, NAS etc., we might include a quote-rejection fee. This will, of course, be stipulated upon the quotation and/or invoice. No surprises though, we promise. Oh in some situations, such as on-site “call outs”, and emergency recoveries where the client has agreed, shall a fee apply.

Q8 – What causes data to be lost?
Factors include hardware malfunction, software corruption, transmission errors, electrical disruption, natural and unnatural disasters.

Q9 – Are you able to recovered data from every situation?
Unfortunately not. In some cases there simply is no way to recover data from a device/medium.

Q10 – How do I get my device/media to you?
By hand (i.e. arrange to bring it in to us), or shipping it to us. See our Packaging / Shipping instructions page.

Q11 – How do you return the data to me – on what medium?
This depends on the job, and on what we’ve discussed and agreed upon. If the data is less than 4GB, we can use CDs. Of course we can use say another hard drive (which we can provide), or you could provide a replacement medium.

Q12 – How do you go about retrieving data from damaged media?
Jobs vary in complexity. We do see patterns and similarity, however almost every job is unique in one way or another. We utilise various tools and techniques (some conventional, and others not), equipment, software, and hard-earned experience.

Q13 – Do you repair hard drives?
We are equipped with many tools and proprietary equipment to facilitate the repair of disks/media in order to accomplish data recovery. However, we do not offer a refurbishment service, and do not recommend the further usage of media that has been damaged.

Q14 – What is data recovery?
Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Often the data being salvaged is from storage media such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other electronics. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system.

Q15 – My hard drive is “clicking” – what is that?
You had better book it in with us for data recovery, as that is most likely an electro-mechanic problem and the drive has failed.

Q16 – I’m getting I/O (input / output) errors and can’t boot and/or use my device – what should I do? 
Ensure all cables are correctly connected (device switched off) and select the “auto detect in the bios”. Or try another cable. If no luck, book it in with us.

Q17 – My hard drive is not detecting in the bios – why?
Ensure all cables are correctly connected (device switched off) and select the “auto detect in the bios”. Or try another cable. If no luck, book it in with us.

Q18 – My hard drive is spinning, but not detected by the bios – why?
Ensure all cables are correctly connected (device switched off) and select the “auto detect in the bios”. Or try another cable. If no luck, book it in with us.

Q19 – What must I give to you so that you can do a data recovery?
In most cases we just need say the hard drive. However with say Server and RAID devices, we may require the other disks and controllers. Please give us all the information that you can, so that this can be discussed. When in doubt, bring it all.

Q20 – Should I knock, tap, kick or hit my device to make it work?
Definitely not, under any circumstances! The device, and more importantly – the data contained within it, is precious. Electromechanical devices are sensitive, and should be treated with care.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content” el_id=”htfp”][vc_column]

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