Flash Recovery Midrand
Flash Recovery Midrand
December 6, 2017
Midrand SanDisk Data Recovery
Midrand SanDisk Data Recovery
February 22, 2018

RAID data recovery Midrand

RAID data recovery Midrand Raid Data Recovery Experts in Cape Town and Midrand: Storing data on a RAID (independent hard disk redundant array) is a practice that many companies use to protect their important data from disk failure. The disks in a RAID array are arranged to provide each other with a back-up.

A RAID array can rebuild itself if a hard disk fails. But it is nonetheless a fact that different RAID levels also offer different levels of data protection. Therefore, a business cannot really be sure of its data, because as the size of the disk increases, so does the likelihood that a RAID array will not be recovered.

Often it is impossible for a large RAID array to rebuild itself. And a RAID failure can cause serious financial problems for a business, even if its business operations are only affected by a few hours of downtime. That’s why RAID data recovery is the top priority for any business if the disaster happens. The task of RAID data recovery is a very complex matter and should only be undertaken by experts experienced in data recovery services.

If a company wants to use data recovery services in South Africa, it cannot complain about a lack of choice. But since the future of his data depends on this choice, it should carefully choose the data recovery company. RAID data recovery requires highly trained professionals, specialized facilities and appropriate infrastructure. Data recovery companies that do not have the resources they need can even further damage a RAID array.

RAID data recovery Midrand

Data recovery services can be used regardless of the reasons for the data loss. There may be RAID array corruption in a variety of situations – here are some examples:

If one disk fails in a given RAID architecture, the other fails
Power surges can lead to disk failures, which in turn cause serious data loss
Application of unsuitable methods for replacing the defective hard disk
A RAID array can be fault tolerant in the event of a physical failure, but not if a logical failure occurs (file system corruption, accidental deletion, virus attack, etc.)
Error of the RAID controller

RAID data recovery is a complicated process as there are various RAID levels, RAID controllers and RAID architectures. In addition, data loss as already described may be caused for a variety of reasons. All these factors make it so important for a business to choose a reliable data recovery company that has the technology, tools, and expertise to handle the data loss in the event of a RAID failure.

Intratec Data Recovery provides cost effective and reliable data recovery services in Cape Town. The company has a team of highly trained RAID engineers who can save your data from almost any RAID level (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 0 + 1, etc.) and in almost all circumstances of data loss. Our professionals use world-class data repair, recovery and recovery technologies and perform RAID data recovery in the sterilized environment of Class 100 clean rooms.

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