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RAID data recovery Midrand
January 23, 2018
Midrand Data recovery solutions for hard drive crashes
February 22, 2018

Midrand SanDisk Data Recovery Solutions in Midrand area.

Midrand SanDisk Data Recovery – As a market-leading flash memory card manufacturer, many camera or smartphone users use a SanDisk SD card to capture photos to record memorable moments of their lives or store their valuable data and files. SanDisk Corp is a co-developer of the “SD Card Association” with Toshiba and Panasonic. They develop and promote memory standards for memory cards. SanDisk is the largest flash memory manufacturer in the world.

  • Again and again we received emails from users such as: On a trip or a family vacation
  • I deleted my photos from the SD card before I noticed that I needed them
  • Erased photos on the SD card in the camera when the child was playing with the camera menu
  • I accidentally formatted or reformatted my SD card
  • My memory card is showing an error message on the camera

SanDisk memory card users, have you accidentally deleted some photos from the SD card? Please do not panic. Intratec Data recovery can help you undo the deletion of photos in three easy steps: scan, preview and restore. Or, if you are looking for troubleshooting information after your SanDisk SD card has been formatted or accidentally formatted, or the SD card has some problems or cannot read, is there a memory card error on the camera?

Midrand SanDisk Data Recovery

Intratec Data recovery can also recover lost photos from a formatted card (over 80% success rate) or from a damaged card. You may be wondering in which cases we cannot restore the SD card or if recovering the data on the card fails: If you have taken many new pictures on the SD card after deleting or formatting (the Space on the memory card is almost full) or your memory card has been badly damaged or physically broken. The lost pictures usually cannot be recovered.

Intratec Data recovery supports almost all SanDisk SD card series, as well as the professional Extreme and Extreme Pro and Ultra and other standard SanDisk SD cards.

Intratec Data recovery recovers deleted photos or save photos from a formatted standard camera SD card or microSD card for mobile phones or per SanDisk memory cards such as “UHS”, “Extreme” and “Extreme Pro”. We tested them with hundreds of different SanDisk memory cards and Intratec Data recovery works very well with them. As the leader in memory card recovery on the market, we continue to improve and optimise Intratec Data recovery employees for restoring data to SanDisk memory card specifications.

Intratec Data recovery supports most types of SD memory cards, including SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards, SDXC cards used by cameras, and microSD cards used by smartphones (Android and Blackberry). Intratec Data recovery also supports most types of files used by digital cameras or mobile phones, including high resolution photos – JPG files and various RAW image files used by most SLRs (Nikon, Canon …) and professional digital cameras , It also supports restoring HD video files from SanDisk SD memory cards including mov, mp4, mts and avi file formats.


For some cameras, their memory card does not appear as a drive letter when connected to your computer via USB. In these cases, Intratec Data recovery must read the SD card using a memory card reader. Such SD card readers can be purchased at most online or retail computer shops. The SanDisk brand memory card reader is recommended, but other memory card readers are also fine. If your desktop or laptop computer has a built-in card reader slot, it works well.

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