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Data Recovery Services

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Data Recovery Services

When hard drives fail, it can be difficult to decide what to do. If you want your data recovered, you need to find the best data recovery company possible. Here are some things to consider when approaching Data Recovery Pro and why Data Recovery Pro is the best…

  • Data Recovery Pro has been a Data Recovery Specialist company for more than 14 years
  • Data Recovery Pro has had more than 25 000 jobs booked in.
  • Data Recovery Pro is a National company making us the most accessible in Pro
  • Data Recovery Pro has a FREE evaluation and a FREE quotation policy
  • Data Recovery Pro has a very competitive pricing structure
  • Data Recovery Pro has a NO RECOVERY – NO CHARGE POLICY
  • Data Recovery Pro will not undertake any work unless we have confirmation from client
  • Data Recovery Pro has a strict confidentiality agreement. (confidentiality is guaranteed)
  • Data Recovery Pro has a pick up and delivery option
  • Data Recovery Pro has the latest state of the art equipment in order to give the client the best possible chance at recovery
  • Data Recovery Pro only use nondestructive methods, meaning that we never risk causing damage to a hard driveA common misconception is that this restricts the recovery options for the engineers working on the drive, but this is untrue


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Start recovering your data!

Why choose Data Recovery Pro?

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We are the highest rated data recovery company in South Africa and we offer competitive pricing. We have Industry-leading tools giving you the most efficient and trustworthy service. We offer free assessment and quote and we have got a No recovery – No charge policy. All your data will be handled confidentiality


  • No data can be recovered via a dangerous “destructive” method that we couldn’t recover with safer, alternative methods
  • Data Recovery Pro has a class 100 clean room. This is necessary to open your drive without damaging it, and invasive recovery can never be attempted in anything other than a clean environment.
    The best data recovery companies have certified class 100 clean rooms, and Data Recovery Pro has one at all locations
  • How is data returned to you? Some companies use DVDs and CDs, which can be complicated and frustrating when large amounts of data is returned. The best data recovery companies offer data return on external hard drives, which are worth the price to stop the headache–especially at Data Recovery Pro, where data is returned on heavily discounted external drives
  • Data Recovery Pro will not lie about success rates. Any company telling you they have a rate of more than 80% is tricking you.
    Rates vary depending upon medium, and how you measure success. Data Recovery Pro Data Recovery’s recovery success rate could be 60% to 98%, depending on the method used to figure out this success rate. For instance, our success rate would be extremely high if we excluded hard drive that arrived in our labs with absolutely no chance of recovery because of fire damage, or scored platters, but would advertising this rate be fair to you? It would be misleading, which is why we do not advertise our success rate.
  • Data Recovery Pro has multiple service options to meet your needs. If you need your data as quickly as possible, you’ll want a different service than someone who doesn’t care about turnaround time, and vice versa. Data Recovery Pro offers several pricing plans to accommodate all customers’ budgets and time constraints
    It is wise to call for price quotes and ask about methods and credentials before trusting your data to a recovery service. Once you’ve made an informed decision, you’ll know what to expect and how to proceed. Data Recovery Pro will know what you need, how to help you, and how to get your data back in your hands before you know it.


Below is the comparison starting from companies closest to our premises

Data Recovery Pro Company A Company B Company C
Class 100 facility (Clean room) Y Y Y Y
National company Y N Y N
Focus only on DR (No other products to distract) Y N N N
No Recovery – No charge Y Y Y N
Has more than 20 years recovery experience Y N Y N
Cutting edge technology in all the branches Y N N N
Loyalty rewards, regular give aways & competitions Y N Y N
Community sponsors Y N N N
Competitive pricing Y Y N N
Have an emergency service Y Y N Y
Pick up and delivery Y Y N N
Offer Student discount Y N N Y